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What’s new in savings?

Here’s a round up of the latest developments in savings options: Premium bonds – The cap on investments in Premium Bonds was lifted for the first time since 2003, from £30,000 per person to £40,000, and will rise again in …

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Why you should love later life

Last year, Lord Filkin chaired a Select Committee in the House of Lords, and produced a report Ready for Ageing?   Surveying a range of public services and support used by older people and looking ahead to the future, the headline …

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Evolution of Hearing Aids

Read our fascinating history on the evolution of the hearing aid   Bluebird Care

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Caring from a distance: personal account

We happily go about our everyday lives thinking of ourselves as invulnerable. That is until something happens to us or a loved one which forces us to completely change our perspective. I have now reached a stage in life where, …

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Tax Help for Older People: August Charity

The ‘Tax Help for Older People’ service is run by the charity ‘Tax Volunteers’ to provide free, impartial, professional tax help, advocacy and advice to those over 60 (or retired) with an annual net income of less than £20,000 p.a. …

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Home reversion plans for older people

If you’re over 65, own your home and need to fund your long-term care, you may be considering a home reversion plan. Here’s how they work and some pros and cons to consider. You should always get independent financial advice …

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Benefits of Home Automation for Older People

In today’s technologically driven world, there are many emerging technologies, which enable older people to live comfortably and safely with minimal assistance from others. Whether a person is living in a nursing facility or at home, monitoring devices can be …

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Top ten tips to help relatives with dementia   

Asked to provide the top ten pieces of advice for people living with dementia and their families, live-in carers from a well-respected national caring agency came up with the following list, which is based on their many years of hands-on, …

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Top tips for improving sleep in older people

Sleep patterns change as you age, because the body produces lower levels of growth hormone, which reduces the amount of slow wave or deep sleep people tend to get. With age, we also produce less melatonin, leading people to wake …

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Tax changes and how to manage them

HMRC Enquiry Centres are closing It’s true! HMRC’s enquiry centres are to close during June 2014. So, what do you do if you used to visit one of these centres to deal with your tax affairs? All is not lost! …

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Top ten tips for better health

Drink and drink some more: It’s critical to make sure that your older relative is drinking enough. Older people are particularly susceptible to dehydration, as their sense of thirst diminishes and their kidneys don’t function as efficiently. Try to get them to drink 8 …

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Top Tips to Keep Older Teeth Healthy

The effect of diet on your older relative’s teeth As people age, their diet may change, which can, in turn, affect their dental health. One of the main changes is that people tend to snack and graze throughout the day, …

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Bowel Cancer Research: July Charity

We’re just beginning to understand how important our guts are to our overall wellbeing as individuals. Our intestines contain more nerve endings than our spinal cord and if you ever thought your brain signalled that you were hungry, you’d be …

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Telecare: keeping older people happy at home

What is Telecare?  For lots of people the term ‘Telecare’ is totally foreign and something that takes time researching to understand.  Telecare can be described as a technical device that provides ‘care at a distance’.  Although the devices differ in …

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