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What are the biggest issues affecting carers?

We discuss some of the biggest issues affecting carers and what you can do about them. Plan ahead As a carer ,think of what adaptations might help your parent move into your home more comfortably for all of you and also think about …

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dementia care

Live Music Improves Wellbeing in Older People

Live music is something that we can all enjoy and connect with. It can reach older people who are no longer able communicate through traditional means. It improves well-being as it releases endorphins and makes you feel happy. We all have …

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All you need to know about knee replacements

Why might you need a knee replacement? Knee replacement normally becomes necessary due to damage and arthritis within the knee, which causes significant pain and restricts mobility severely. You can read more about arthritis HERE. If your quality of life …

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Joint Prosthesis

8 tips for retiring abroad

For many, retiring to settle down in a place with warmer weather, different scenery and a change in lifestyle is an appealing prospect. But there are many things to consider to help ensure a smooth transition.With six million British nationals planning …

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Senior Couple Choosing Travel Destination On Map

60+ divorce causes financial ruin

The number of people who are getting divorced during their retirement years is on the increase. Known as the “silver separators”, adults over the age of 60 are choosing to separate for various reasons, but could this mean that they …

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Mobile apps help monitor older people

It’s difficult to persuade older people to have care at home There is a fine line between caregivers and older people. While as a caregiver, you are trying to make the lives of your parents as comfortable as possible, you …

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The best mobile phones for older people

Mobile phones can be a very useful line of communication for older people and their children, both as a way of staying in touch day to day and as a reassuring emergency tool for the most vulnerable. But getting your …

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Older People Must Keep Vital Documents Safe

Keeping the ‘important stuff’ safe Vital documents such as birth and marriage certificates, wills, lasting power of attorney, deeds, insurance certificates are all essential items that will be needed at some time in the future.  Often when these documents are …

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Happy senior woman leaning onto an open vault

How to get a free boiler for pensioners

Who is eligible for a free boiler? If your older relative owns their own home or is a private tenant, they will be eligible for a free replacement boiler, if they are also either: A pensioner receiving State Pension Credits …

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Technician servicing heating boiler

Home safety for older people

This infographic gives some very helpful information on home safety for older people, giving tips on how to keep the home safe in all the main rooms of the house. You can also watch our safety at home videos at the …

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Video guide to fixing boilers and heating systems for older people

A lot of the time your boiler and heating system can seem pretty daunting, especially to those of us who aren’t particularly ‘boiler-savvy’, especially the elderly. But these easy to follow, step-by-step videos are here to help you overcome any …

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Homeshare: companionship for elderly at home

What is homesharing? Homeshare schemes provide low-cost practical live-in help, companionship and support to elderly people who wish to remain independent and living in their own home for as long as possible. Homeshare also helps avoid the loneliness that an …

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The Complete Guide to Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, Follow our guide to help you plan as well as possible for your later life. Decide when you want to retire These days, you can plan when …

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Arts improve quality of life for older people

The arts can act as a preventative measure for many of the illnesses that go hand in hand with old age and genuinely work to improve quality of life for older people. We live in an ageing population. In Britain more …

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Key Facts about the New State Pension

The new state pension is changing on 6 April 2016. How will state pension changes affect older people? They’ll remain in the current scheme even if they defer claiming their State Pension until after 6 April 2016, if they either: already get the State …

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Pneumonia and its effect on the elderly

Pneumonia is an inflammation of lung tissue in either one or both lungs. This is usually the result of an infection, where germs multiply and cause lung infections. This is more likely to happen if you are already frail or …

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