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Top foods to alleviate pain of arthritis

Arthritis, both rheumatoid and osteo, is an extremely painful disease, which causes joints to swell and become stiff. Some studies have suggested that certain foods can help to alleviate the pain of arthritis. Oily fish has inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, so try to …

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TICK TOCK TEST your smoke alarms

Test your older parent’s smoke alarm before it’s too late Smoke is responsible for over half of all deaths in accidental fires in the home and statistics show that people aged 65 or above are most at risk.   Pledge …

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Buying right shoes prevents elderly falls

Falls in older people are frequent and can lead to serious fractures, joint replacements and other injuries. It can even affect their long-term mobility. Wearing the right shoes, however, can make an enormous difference, as they can provide stability and …

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Supporting Grown Children Affects Savings

Parents across the United Kingdom are having to use their savings to financially support their grown children, a recent study has found and this is affecting parents’ savings. With the cost of living constantly increasing, many who have already moved …

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Top ten tips for a healthy brain

Keeping your brain active and healthy is as important as keeping your body fit through exercise. Here are our top ten tips: Challenge yourself: Face your fears by learning a new skill or learn a new language….. just give it a try! …

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What is live-in homecare?

When it comes to caring for an elderly parent, we all want to ensure they are happy, healthy, and able to enjoy later life as much as possible. If one of your parents is no longer able to care for …

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VAT relief on footwear for older people

If you have a parent who is disabled or has a long-term illness, you’ll no doubt know that they are eligible for VAT relief on certain products and services. Items such as adjustable beds, stair lifts and wheelchairs all qualify, …

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Essential guide to getting help for elderly

The question we are asked most frequently is how to go about getting help for an elderly loved one. They might be that they are showing signs of mental or physical decline, or possibly both. This article will guide you …

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Best UK Holiday Destinations for Older People

Bathing Solutions have compiled together some of the best holiday destinations for older people to visit in the UK. Each recommended location has centuries of history behind it and has uniquepoints of interest, which attract people from all around the …

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The Joy of Caring for Others

As we grow older, we start to witness the unfortunate and often distressing decline of our parents’ health.  They aren’t as active as they once were, or maybe their memory isn’t as good as it once was. So we start …

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Good Care Group Home Carer Portraits - 12th September 2014

Roundabout: March Charity

Roundabout’s motto is “Turning Lives Around” and we do, running dramatherapy projects with people of all ages and abilities across London. We work with individuals and groups, using verbal and non-verbal techniques and a wide range of theatrical and dramatic …

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How to buy a used mobility scooter

You can now buy a perfectly good used mobility scooter for £150 to £250 on Ebay or Gumtree. There is a market now, similar to that for used cars, with thousands of them for sale. This means far more people can …

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Do alarm pendants really work?

Alarm pendants are small button alarms that are worn around the neck, or on the wrist, and can be activated by the wearer in case of an emergency. They work by connecting remotely to a box, which is fixed to the …

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Diagnosing and treating dementia

Although dementia is a relatively common disease, it is not an inevitable part of growing old. According to Dementia UK, the condition affects 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 years, rising to 1 in 6 people over …

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“Go Green” with Your Older Loved Ones

Many environmental endeavours to ‘go green’ are aimed at families and younger individuals, but in a time when money and resources are scarce, it makes sense to include everyone in your conservation efforts. Carers look after a generation famous for …

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Top tips to combat incontinence

Whether incontinence is a problem for you, or a worry for your parent, it is a very sensitive issue.  It can be difficult to talk about and there is unfortunately still a stigma associated with it.  This has stopped people …

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All you need know about hip replacements

A hip replacement operation replaces a worn hip, often caused by arthritis, or sometimes due to an injury. A worn hip means that the bones rub together and cause considerable pain. A replacement will remove this bone and replace it with …

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