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Tips on how to cope when looking after the elderly

Caring from a distance: personal account

We happily go about our everyday lives thinking of ourselves as invulnerable. That is until something happens to us or a loved one which forces us to completely change our perspective. I have now reached a stage in life where, …

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Telecare: keeping older people happy at home

What is Telecare?  For lots of people the term ‘Telecare’ is totally foreign and something that takes time researching to understand.  Telecare can be described as a technical device that provides ‘care at a distance’.  Although the devices differ in …

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Top tips for grandparents

Keep advice to a minimum Having had children yourself, you can use your experience to help your son or daughter but be warned – don’t offer it if you are not asked unless you really feel you need to.  Try not …

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Tell Us Once Service helps bereaved

The loss of a parent is a devastating time in anyone’s life. Regardless of whether it’s anticipated or unexpected, it is a time of great personal upheaval that presents us with challenges and emotions that we can never truly plan …

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Managing hospital discharge for elderly

If your elderly relative has been in hospital, it should be good news when they are ready to come home, but sometimes, managing their discharge from hospital can be a real worry. Can you ensure that they have the right …

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Parent’s right to end of life care

When a parent is facing a terminal illness, it can be difficult to have a conversation about how they would like their end of life care to be managed; however, without putting some practicalities in place, their wishes may not …

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Helping a bereaved parent to live alone

When your ageing parent is bereaved, whether their partner’s death was sudden, or prolonged, it takes a long time for them to adjust to living alone. When people have lived together for many years and shared the day-to-day responsibilities of running …

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Voluntary sector links state and families

Loneliness and isolation in older people is increasingly recognised as a major aspect of life that can impact badly on an individual’s health and well being. Towards the end of last year Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt spoke of the national …

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Caring from a distance factsheet

What is caring at a distance? The fact that we are living longer is wonderful achievement. And whilst many will enjoy good health in their later years some will require some form of support. Caring from a distance occurs when …

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Problems of loneliness and isolation

Loneliness is a major problem faced by elderly people throughout the UK and though it presents itself less obviously than psychological conditions such as dementia, people suffering from loneliness face serious health consequences These include increased stress and anxiety, increased …

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Knowing Mum and Dad are OK from a distance

Mum falling, dad becoming ill, gran having a fire, are all events that suddenly make us leap into action as individuals or families. These ‘events’ create stress and worry and force us to make decisions probably at the worst time, …

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Keep in touch using technology

Many of us worry about older relatives and ageing parents, especially if we live far from them and can’t easily pop in for a cup of tea or a quick chat. I felt just this way about my mum. I also …

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Combat elderly isolation this Christmas

Loneliness and social isolation is a reality for many older people all year round, but it is particularly prevalent at Christmas. At a time when friends and family are treasured and remembered, for those who have lost loved ones or …

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How Kind are you at Christmas

Community support for elderly at Christmas

Everyone enjoys some peace and quiet and time away from the very busy lives that we all lead. It may be that you take a long walk in the countryside, curl up with a good book or enjoy a leisurely …

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Helping the Sandwich Generation

A recent Money Advice Service report into the “sandwich generation” revealed how squeezed people who provide support for both their children and parents feel. Its conclusions highlighted the tough job carers have in modern Britain One in ten people currently …

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Fear of Arranging a Funeral

Is someone you love about to die? If you have ever been in a position where someone you are very close to is in ill health and might not have long to live, you might find the following advice helpful …

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Creating a fulfilling life after loss

Few events in life are as painful as the death of your partner, but you can learn to live on in a way which honours your past and appreciates your present What does it really mean to have ‘lost’ your partner? …

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Caring as an expat

Cognitive neuroscientist and age specialist Dr Lynda Shaw is calling for better transparency and co-ordination of services and support for expats trying to find a care home for a loved one from abroad “If you are an expat you may …

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Top tips: caring from a distance

Set up a weekly online food delivery for your parent. Talk to them about what they would like to order each week, or do it for them, depending on their situation. You can always include a bunch of flowers or …

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Repetitive Questioning

When a loved one has dementia, they often ask the same question many times over. Even the most patient person in the world can find this difficult to deal with and relationships can become very strained It is important to …

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Caring for elderly harder than it used to be

  Most of us were brought up with the fairytale notion of the perfectly happy family As children, we dreamt of this, even if our family of origin was sometimes troubled If you allowed yourself to daydream, you’d have imagined …

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People with ageing parents must talk

It’s important for people caring for elderly to talk How it started Ruth* was approaching 50, but since childhood had always been very close to her mother, Norma* They had many interests in common and the same sort of attitude …

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Grandparents key source of childcare

Grandparents are now the most common source of informal childcare in the UK, with nearly two thirds providing childcare to grandchildren under the age of 16 The amount of time grandparents spend giving care has almost doubled since 2009, due …

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Caring for a parent with dementia

Watching a parent suffer with dementia is one of the hardest things you will ever do My own father changed gradually before my eyes from a bright, energetic, intelligent man to someone whom I barely recognised and who often did …

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Ten questions you must ask your parents

As our parents age, yet remain in good health, it’s easy to avoid having the conversations with them about possible difficulties in the future Yet planning for the future is critical to ensure your parents have a say in their …

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Caring for an older spouse

We talk all the time about the issues involved in caring for an ageing parent, but what happens when you are caring for an older spouse? Deborah Stone, co-founder of, discusses her own parents’ story You can’t help who …

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Discussing care issues with older parent

  Understand how your parent is managing at the moment Are they eating OK? Are they managing to keep their house clean,? How are they coping with personal hygiene? Do they get out the house regularly or are they stating …

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Funeral Planning

Arranging a funeral Because most people tend to avoid the subject of death and funerals, they tend to be generally poorly equipped to make informed decisions when they are bereaved Consequently, myths abound and most people do not shop around, …

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Issues facing family carers of elderly

Caring for ageing parents can put a huge strain on families, particularly those people who may also be looking after young children at the same time There are both emotional and financial implications to try and negotiate, and if the …

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Practical tips to get parent best care

P has been keeping a close eye on his 90 year old mother for the last 14 years since his father died, but her needs have been increasing in recent years since she became afflicted with incontinence However, his mother …

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