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Top Assistive Technology Products for Elderly

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Assistive technology refers to a wide range of gadgets, or  disability equipment that can help your ageing parent to live independently in their own home. A wide variety of assistive technology is available to help people keep their independence for longer. From bed occupancy detectors, to jar openers, the devices are easy to use and create peace of mind for you and your elderly relative

Here is a list of the top assistive items your ageing parent might need:

Safety Monitors and Home Care Alerts

  • These can be attached to the telephone and come with a pendant or wrist strap
  • The service is available  24 hours a day, everyday. It comes with a pendant which your parent can carry with them
  • In an emergency, they just press the button on the pendant 


Bed Occupancy Sensor

  • These sensors let you know when your ageing parent has left their bed, or when they have possibly fallen

Enuresis Sensor

  • These will alert a carer when an elderly person has involuntairly discharged urine, especially when they are asleep

Fall Detector

Flood, Gas, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

            • These separate monitors will alert your elderly parent to any potential danger from water, gas, smoke or carbon monoxide. Smoke alarms are also available for the deaf and hard of hearing
            • Magiplugs open automatically if water if left running and empty the sink

Cold Monitors

            • These monitors will alert a carer if an elderly person’s room becomes too cold and they are in danger as a result
  • These will alert your elderly relative of any unwanted intruders into the home and if they have a panic button installed, they can use this if they feel threatened by anyone at the door

GPS Location Devices

  • Worn as a sensor, these are very helpful if your parent has dementia and is prone to wander outside of the house

Pill dispensers

            • These are enormously useful devices to help your ageing parent to remember what pill to take, when and how often. They can vary in complexity and can include; timed opening of sections, reminder alarms etc.

Tap turners

            • These are very handy for elderly people with arthritic hands, who find standard taps difficult to turn. Sensor soap dispensers are also very useful

Jar Openers

If you have any suggestions for other useful assistive products, please let us know on our forum, or like us on Facebook

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